...can poke up through the benchwork inside a structure, in this case, a gas holder (barely visible at left). While placement of the receive affects wireless signal reception from the throttle, it shouldn’t matter here, since it needs limited range. Being at the back the layout minimizes any bodies blocking the signal.


Hiding the Obvious

    In keeping with the aesthetics of the studio, I didn’t want the controls to be seen nor obvious. EasyDCC’s “basic” wireless system consists of four elements: The command station, booster, wireless receiver and throttle. I considered several different solutions, such as purchasing a cabinet to hold the items with a cord up to the layout, or hiding it underneath. I chose the latter. Below are photos showing the finished installation.

    At right is the booster, tucked up on a shelf attached to the back edge of the layout. I can tell you from experience that it’s better to install shelves such as these before you finish the layout! (It was a tight fit.)

    Here is the frame I made for the command station, out of birch plywood, trimmed in edge banding for a finished look. The hinges are the “European” style, non-mortised, which I found at Home Depot.

    The command station control panel is designed so it will fold up out of the way when it isn’t needed, which is most of the time. A small swiveling tab holds it in place when in the up position. I also didn’t install a “programming” track, since most decoders allow programming “on the main.” I do any programming downstairs at my workbench on the basement layout.

    The cord from the power strip is hidden in a raceway down to the wall receptacle, painted in the wall color to minimize its presence. The power strip acts as an on/off switch as well. The cord raceway is the only thing visible from the layout.

    The wireless receiver, or base station, is similar in size to the booster, thus installed in the same manner up under the layout on a shelf. The only trick about this is to get the antenna in the right place so it...