Warren Scholl looks over the paperwork while Roger Ziegenhorn looks over Warren’s shoulder. Watching these two operate, tell stories and trade jabs made New Year’s Day fun!


    Hopefully, something bad hasn’t happened at the freight house, but it’s hard to tell, judging by the look on these faces.

Eighth Patch Session 1/01/10

    Nothing like starting off the New Year with an operation session. Old friends Roger Ziegenhorn and Warren Scholl were the choice to kick off 2010. They did so in fine fashion.

    Roger loves all things Santa Fe. He’s a railroadiana collector and a serious modeler of trains, planes and automobiles. Roger spent his childhood in two very different towns, but both with deep railroad roots: Kiowa, Kansas and Peoria, Illinois. Roger models Kiowa.

    While Roger loves all things Santa Fe, Warren is all things Santa Fe! He’s worked for the railroad—first ATSF, then BNSF—for many years in the operating department. Warren works each year managing BNSF’s Employee Special and gets his reward in the smiles from all the riders. Warren collects Santa Fe memorabilia, too.

    Roger finally gets the hang of the ALCo’s momentum, shoving a car up the middle track in Seventh Street alley. With short tail tracks and limited run-arounds, getting the cut in order before you get there is a good idea.

    First Street Yard has filled up, after Job 322 has spotted the inbound/outbound freight house tracks. In the meantime, tracks 1 and 2 (nearest the front edge) are full with cars being sorted for Seventh Street alley in the Patch.