Andy gave Mark the choice to play footboard yardmaster while he runs the engine. Here Mark looks over his track with a switchlist in hand. Running the engine gives one a chance to sit, not a bad thing after a long weekend of operation!


    Looking down the throat of the First Street Yard shows compact arrangement. Could more tracks be helpful? Certainly, but I chose to stay within the self-imposed 12 inch limit for depth.

    A couple of scenery brushes poke up next to the gas holding tank on the left.

This was the last “silent” session, as Soundtraxx announced a sound decoder with the correct ALCo turbocharged 539 engine sounds this summer. I can’t wait to get it installed and hear the “burble” and “chirp” of the motor. It ought to be great!

    Andy concentrates on smooth throttle operation while Mark plans his next move. The engineers and conductors that worked the real Patch said careful planning was the key to working there. You had to have everything lined up correctly, or it would be a long night!

Fourth Patch Session 06/08/09

    Andy Sperandeo was in town after an operating weekend in Omaha that we both attended. Sometimes, a weekend isn’t enough for all the operating we like to do, so I arranged for Andy to operate Rob Biddison’s D&RGW Moffat Line as well as the Patch.

    I was also able to get my friend Mark Steenwyk over to operate with Andy. Mark is an Engineer/Conductor for the BNSF. He loves to run trains, whether it’s the big stuff or the little stuff. Mark is building an HO representation of the Milwaukee Road’s Beer Line. Mark is originally from Chicago.