Trainmaster Warren Scholl keeps an eye on Engineer Chuck Hitchcock and Foreman Jack Ozanich while they round the curve entering Seventh Street Alley.


    Warren checks the rule book to ensure Foreman Ozanich is doing the right thing. Trainmasters who vigorously went after crews for rules violations, particularly minor ones, were disliked and often referred to as “weed weasels.”

Thirteenth Session 9/18/10

    Chuck Hitchcock, Warren Scholl and Jack Ozanich returned to the Patch for another session on the occasion of Jack’s visit to KC. As I mentioned in the March 7, 2010 session notes, Warren and Jack go back quite a ways as friends, so it’s always nice to see them together. They also fight like an old married couple!

    Jack is very particular about the rules, always questioning why we model railroaders do this or that. If you don’t have an answer that can be backed up by a rule or long-accepted practice, you’re liable to get an earful from Dan Thorne! Jack is serious about operating and he’s certainly taught me a lot about how the real thing works and I appreciate his friendship.

    Warren smiles as Jack has to stand on his tippy-toes to reach in and uncouple cars. This photo is reminiscent of one Warren took in Germany some 45 years ago of Jack trying to view a steam engine over a wall that was just a tad too high.

    Jack looks over his list while Warren waits for the next signal to move. Jack and Warren communicated using only hand signals while operating. It’s great to see a couple of pros do it!

    Jack points out something he found that I need to fix. Perfect mechanical and electrical operation of a layout is difficult to achieve, but is worth that effort. Jack’s own Atlantic Great Eastern operates flawlessly and Jack tolerates no less.

    This session wound up being the last one for a while, as I finished all of the buildings and scenery so the Patch was ready for a feature article in Great Model Railroads 2012.